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Breaking News: The OUYA Revealed?

by Haven Apr 23, 4195

Update #1 (3/19): Eddie K over at OUYA Forum has been informed by Julie Uhrman that this is the real deal! Apparently, the “Traveling OUYA” is actually a prototype of the OUYA we’ll be seeing on the 28th. Read on to get your first look at a real OUYA.

After six months of waiting – not to mention a ton of doubt – we may finally be getting a real look at the OUYA, and this time it’s shiny:

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OUYA Gaming Source has just discovered a simple tumblr blog that was linked to on twitter by OUYA engineer Jonathan Abrams. We can’t confirm this is a real retail unit. It’s possible this is just an elaborate casemod from a clear developer model. Indeed, the first picture on the blog does show one of those plastic models, instead of the aluminum one. If it’s a fake, though, it’s an impressive one!

We’ve reached out to OUYA on this subject, and we’ll update you as soon as we recieve a response.

The blog is titled “Traveling OUYA“, and in it an unnamed traveler seems to be documenting an OUYA’s trip around the world. The first picture shows the OUYA in an airport, and the second one seems to be Australia, with the OUYA a little worse for the wear and a bit scratched up. Take better care of your OUYA, Traveler!

3/17 – Airport

Update! 3/19 – Sydney

3/18 – Australia

As you can see, the model in these photos looks pretty much the same as the recent mock-ups, as would be expected. The biggest difference from the mock-ups is the clear plastic power button. That’s where you’re gonna get that nice blue glow, letting you know your OUYA is happy and eager to play.

So, what does everyone think? Real, or fake?