Feel the excitement of an amazing Casino experience with 3D roulette. The free table gamethat will make you find yourself in the heart of casino action without leaving your living room! This game will make you feel like you are standing right at the roulette table.

About 3D roulette

It follows European roulette rules. The Playtechversion features a three-dimensional graphical presentation. The graphics are amazing and it comes with bright colors that make the game look appealing. The 3D wheel is the big draw.

The sound effects incorporated are second to none. You can even hear the dealer calling the results of each spin! These effects change the game from a computer game to a casino experience. It features only one ‘0’ chamber and lacks the ‘00’ chamber which doubles the house edge.

How to bet

You bet to predict in which of 37 chambers a randomly-spun ball will land. You can bet on an individual number, a range of numbers, the color of the chamber or whether the number that comes up will be odd or even. All chambers except for the zero are designated red or black.

Select a chip in your chosen denomination and click on the table wherever you want to place your bet. You can clear your bets or undo a mistake before you spin the wheel. The greater the coverage of the range is, the lower the potential payout will be. The lesser the coverage, the greater the payout.

Clicking on ‘paytable’ will give you a list of types of bets and their payouts. 3D roulette allows you to make extra bets such as the neighbor’s bet and the cylinder thirds.

Other features

The game allows you to tweak the visual elements. Click on the ‘visual’ button to choose to turn on or off several of the roulette wheel features. The changes only add a bit of customization. ‘Breakdown’ feature works for multiple bets. Clicking on it will tell you how much you are collecting.

3D roulette is just way more fun than the common 2D version of the casino game! The features immerse you in a true casino atmosphere at the comfort of your home. If you love roulette, you definitely need to check this one out.

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