Online casino licenses

After the revolution of the Internet, it becomes critical in the online casino industry, as it has been inspected by one party and opaque and fraud in the agenda.

The need for a party that controls the online casino industry and mandated by licensing some basic rules have increased sharply. For example, privacy and personal and banking information should be protected.

As in the online casino industry a lot of money began to flow, governments have become aware of it and I wanted to participate in this process.

The Government of Antigua Barbuda were first passed a law that gives them the right to issue licenses regulated online casino operators. You have passed the law in 1994 and since some countries have followed suit.

These countries have created an organization overseen licensing for expenses and provides legal and regulatory support for the online casino industry.

All countries are issuing these developing countries to improve their household. Countries like Canada, which also had a lot of online casino operators on their territory, have also started to issue licenses to protect the population, by regulation, safety and confidence in the industry has been implemented .

Today, it is difficult to find an online casino that has no license and you can go to that would not be paid in a unlicensed online casino Many money. Why you stay with the license and deceived, the risk is much lower.